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Little Hampton Water

For 30 years our family has sourced high quality natural spring waters from the Hepburn Region. In our continuous search we came across a spring in the hamlet of Little Hampton in the Hepburn Shire. A region synonymous with some of the highest quality waters in the world.


At the foot of the ranges with pure snow falls and rain, the air is clear and crisp. Our spring is the result of all this water filtering through volcanic rock with layers of shale and sandstone purifying and absorbing the mineral qualities of the earth. Herein lies the magic of Little Hampton.


Drinking mineral water each day can enhance your overall health and wellbeing and our water is guaranteed to make you 'sparkle'. It can lower blood pressure, improve bone health, aid digestion, assist with muscle performance, maintain your electrolyte balance for good hydration, and improve your skin.


Today the family are very excited to be releasing these natural spring waters to market

under the very same name as the place that produces it. We truly believe our vision will make Little Hampton a world-renowned place for premium water quality.

Little Hampton Sparkling Water
Little Hampton Sparkling Water
Australian Owned
Mineral Water in a Can
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